Venturi has 2 essential ressources :

The human ressources : the real know how and competence of Venturi in Europe
The tools of management and reporting necessary for the treatment of the logical or physical streams between the suppliers, the customers and Venturi

Human ressources
Venturi consists of an administrative team of 2 persons, a webmaster and a set of consultants.
> Our consultants are distributed on all Europe and specialised in the world of the professional internet
> Our consultants profiles are "senior" with a strong experience of the sale and the marketing in varied domains:
Security, Messaging, EAI, Identity Management, Development tools, Data Bases and Operating systems.
> Our consultants all have a technical understanding and an experience(experiment) allowing them to promote and to demonstrate complex products.

Fulfilment / Reporting
Venturi has an internal complete fulfilment suite supporting multi currencies, multi languages, multi VAT and allowing :
> to import and to export products,
> to print and record invoices
> to pay and to receive payments:
> in all Europe and more widely all over the world.

Our tool of tool CRM developed internally for the business follow-up and the customers relationships in Europe allows to analyze exactly :
> consultants activity reporting
> to controls costs and operating expenses
> the business pipeline by country or by zone for the vendor