Solution proposed by Venturi :
Venturi, with a set of human and logistic resources, proposes a partnership with the suppliers to represent them,
deploy the distribution channels and revitalize their sales in Europe according to a simple concept : the outsourcing of commercial and marketing services.
This outsourcing can be partial :  Mid-sourcing , or total :  All sourcing .


Advantages of the partnership with Venturi :
: Venturi knows the European professional Internet market and his actors (distributors, integrators, retailers)
and allows you to reduce appreciably the time of implementation of your activity in Europe (Time to Market).
Echo of the market : Venturi sends you a very fast feedback of the market: at first reveal the interest of the market for the product
or still suggest a possible adaptation of the product for a particular context or country.
Flexibility : the proposed services are adapted according to your strategy
Independence : contracts always have a limited duration
Cost control : a clear and well defined contract is better than an expensive and sometimes risky local setting-up(establishment).
Better ROI : weaker initial costs thus lower Burn rate and a faster profitability.