The study assumes opening one office either in France, Germany or England to cover part of the whole of the other European countries.
It assumes hiring of 2 commercial staff, and 2 to 3 pre-sales technicial staff.

The costs as indicated , even if they vary significantly from one country to another, are averaged over the three;
to give a reliable and robust idea of the total budget.
Venturi considers these figures to be significant as they reflect actual and recent experiences.

Consequences :
Commitment to very high initial fixed (or investment) costs,
> Commitment to high monthly (fixed and variable) costs of exploitation over long periods
   (rental agreements of offices, salaries, telecoms, utilities ),
> Administrative coordination a high burden and workload to be provided by the vendor,
> Very long lead time for implementation and installation,
> Very high Costs in case of closure of the office
   (employee compensation and redundancy packages, re-negociation of office renatl agreements, etc ...).