Internal Development or Venturi Partnership ?

Launching a commercial activity in Europe can be internalised by the vendor
either externalized in the form of a partnership with Venturi.
In every case, ROI is always faster and burn rate much lower with Venturi than with an internal approach. :


The cost of a contract with Venturi depends on the zone covered (number of countries) and the objectives of the vendor. However, an all-sourcing or mid-sourcing contract is always than a local but internal deployment. Indeed, open an office in Europe imply inevitably :
> To find a consulting agency for the constitution of the office according to the legal, social and accounting laws of the chosen country. High cost.
> To find a recruitment agency to search for the office manager and for the other employees. High cost.
> To rent offices in a big city or very close to. High cost.
> To give very high salaries for the first responsible employees accepting the risk of the launch. High cost.
> To Buy the initial material: PC, Copiers,
If, nevertheless, the supplier wishes to become established directly and physically,
a real and reliable study of cost will light you on the budget necessary mean in this operation.